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About Us - Know what, why and how we do it!

SaveBooks Vision -

SaveBooks is an effort done to save books by Exchange, Buy, Sell, Donate of old books within your area, school / college or class. The seeds of SaveBooks germinated in the mind to create a place for book lovers with host of powerful features that make online book shopping of second hand used book very easy and quick. Books are just a click away; users can meet to get books. It is designed to save space in their bookshelf, save money on books, save precious time.

Our vision to create multilevel platform is to save books, save trees to make our future a greener place and make planet Earth an eco-friendly place to live in. Reusing our books is like giving a new life to a tree. Sharing your old used book with someone is like a tree who gives shade to it passers. So, spread shade of your old book by sharing them on our platform.

Help us to make SaveBooks India’s most powerful online platform by digitalizing the concept of exchanging books. Invite friends, more friends, more books, easy book shopping. No online payment, whether it is through credit /debit card or net banking transactions, hassle free shopping either add points in your account or get cash on meeting.

Our motto is “Save Books, Save Paper, Save Trees, Save Earth !”

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