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Novel name Mightier Than The Sword
Author Jeffrey Archer
Description An IRA bomb has exploded during the MV Buckingham’s first voyage across the Atlantic and no one knows how many lives it has claimed. Harry Clinton, upon visiting his publisher in New York, comes to know that he has been chosen as the new President of English PEN. He is determined to see Anatoly Babakov, who is imprisoned in Siberia, released. To accomplish this, he is ready to put his own life in danger while Emma, his wife, is battling the consequences of the IRA attack. Sebastian, Harry and Emma’s son, is becoming famous at Farthing’s Bank in London and has proposed marriage to Samantha, an attractive young American. Read further to discover the spellbinding twists that the story takes in this compelling title.

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Name Points/ Price Novel Condition Edition Option 350 As good as new
Borivali East, Mumbai, Maharashtra
140 As good as new 2015 120 As good as new 2015
Madhav Sureka 100 As good as new 2015

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