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Author Jeffrey Archer
Description Best Kept Secret is a thrilling novel by Jeffery Archer that promises to keep its readers glued, right till the very last page. The story is set in the year 1945, and starts with highlighting a very important decision concerning the fortune of the Barrington family. This decision must be made on the basis of a vote in the House of Lords, affecting Harry Clifton, and Giles Barrington, who are vying for that fortune. Through the course of this book, Harry, and Emma decide to adopt a girl named Jessica, who is the love child of Emma’s dad. As the story advances, we are introduced to Sebastian Clifton, who is the son of Harry Clifton, and Emma. As time passes, the General Election approaches, and Giles Barrington is called to defend his seat in the House of Commons. However, he soon learns that he has been pitted against Sebastian, and this comes as a rude shock to him. In the year 1957, Sebastian wins a scholarship to Cambridge. However, things turn ugly when he finds himself involved in an international art fraud, due to which he gets thrown out of his university. The fraud revolves around a Rodin statue, whose value is much more than it could ever raise at an auction. However, this scam raises a lot of questions about Sebastian’s own fate, in terms of his safety, and future. Archer, being a part of the British Conservative Party, provides the readers with information into several parliamentary procedures, and the election process, thereby adding an autobiographical touch to this novel. The Best Kept Secret keeps its readers on pins, and needles as the characters manage to save themselves from dreadful circumstances by the skin of their teeth. The book was published in 2013.

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Name Points/ Price Novel Condition Edition Option 0 As good as new ISBN 97814472311722013
Arkopaul Das 80 As good as new 1st
Tamanna Bansal
Bal Bhavan Public School, Pocket B, Mayur Vihar, Phase II, , East Delhi
Pitampura, North Delhi, Delhi
90 As good as new 2
9818702557 90 As good as new 2 200 With normal wear and tear 2013

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