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Novel name Tell Me A Story
Author Ravinder Singh
Description Tell Me a Story is a collection of heartwarming stories about events and incidents that have affected or changed the lives of the writers in ways that they cannot forget. Happy or sad, inspiring or shocking, these are stories of moments that have left an indelible mark on their lives. Stories, that they would love to share. Selected by Ravinder Singh, Tell Me a Story is about moments that make life worth living. It is the second such anthology, after the highly successful Love Stories that Touched My Heart

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Name Points/ Price Novel Condition Edition Option 100 As good as new 2016 175 As good as new Latets
Anju A 140 As good as new 1
kartikiv76@gmail.com100 points As good as new 1st
Jyoti1688 50 As good as new 1st

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