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Novel name One Indian Girl
Author Chetan Bhagat
Description One Indian Girl is the story of Radhika Mehta, a worker at the Distressed Debt group of Goldman Sachs, an investment bank. The book begins with Radhika making arrangements regarding her marriage with Brijesh Gulati who works in the Facebook company in San Francisco. She later reveals her childhood and life in Delhi, as a nerdy personality in contrast to her elder sister Aditi. She also communicates her thoughts and decisions to her inner judgemental voice, or "mini-me" as called. While trying to engage conversation with Brijesh, she is unexpectedly contacted by Debashish "Debu" Sen who wishes to meet her, to which she refuses. She is further shocked when he infiltrates the puja bhajan ceremony at the wedding reception. She later meets him in the hotel gym and admonishes him for his past behavior. It then flashbacks to 4 years ago, when Radhika began her job training at Goldman Sachs. One evening she was introduced to Debu through Avinash her batchmate from IIMA. The two start dating, eventually starting a live in relationship. She applies to Distressed Debt in Goldman and becomes involved in a gruelling schedule. One year later, Radhika decides to plan a future with Debu, to which he is skeptical. Furthermore, when Radhika gets a bonus of 150,000 dollars for the previous year and tells Debu, he doesn't react as Radhika expects

Novel Sellers

Name Points/ Price Novel Condition Edition Option
Rana Joheb Islam 0 As good as new 2016
Devansh Sharma 200 As good as new 2016
Indira Gandhi Memorial High School, Dum Dum, , Kolkata
80 As good as new Latest
8921089803 100 As good as new Latest

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