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Cat And Mouse In A Haunted House
Geronimo Stilton
The main character in the series is Geronimo Stilton, a talking mouse who lives in New Mouse City on Mouse Island. He is the publisher of The Rodent's Gazette, Mouse Island's most famous newspaper. The story begins when he decides to visit his aunt Sweetfur who is on vacation in the Pleasant Paw Hills. On his way to her house, Geronimo gets lost in a dark scary forest and seeks shelter in a run-down castle which appears to be completely empty but to his dismay, is haunted by cats. How will Geronimo spend the entire night among the ferocious cats and what will he do to save himself from them are questions best left unanswered. With the display of colorful visuals and use of decorative text, the author has added a lot of fun to a plain simple mouse-filled story making it an extremely fascinating read. The Geronimo Stilton books have been adapted into an animated series Geronimo Stilton which has been airing since 2009 on the RAI channels. The Rodent's Gazette, which is Geronimo Stilton's most famous newspaper in New Mouse City, is updated every few months with stories based on Geronimo Stilton's latest books and adventures. It is also the official Geronimo Stilton website for English readers.

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