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Chemistry is very important subject for students of class 11th and 12th. High School students need large number of books to prepare for their CBSE exams and competitive exams. Buying all Indian authors Chemistry books at full price from market is not possible. So keeping this thing in mind we At SaveBooks have done maximum effort so that all students who want to study get books at low rates from their seniors in their campus or near their home location. At SaveBooks, check best Chemistry books at very cheap rates near you.

Discover old Chemisrty text books of schools, NCERT, Organic chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry books

Browse our new search engine tool for old rare books, NCERT textbooks, CBSE, ICSE, State books, Olympiad books, reference books, different books for competitive exams

from authors like Arihant, K.S Verma, Dr.S.P.Jauhar, Pradeep's publications, Cengage Organic Chemsitry, O.P Tandon, Brilliant Tutorials, Lakmir Singh, J.D Lee.
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Shop online for lowest rates for wide range of comprehensive Science books online. Try online book shopping near your home location per radius defined by you.
Sell your old Chemistry in campus or near your home - Upload AD for Chemistry books at best prices. Also, shop at one place that is your own campus where you can get books at lowest and free books from your seniors which are no longer needed by them. Just join your area group, so that your area users can check books available for sale.
You can check out free Chemistry books online which some great users have donated for a noble cause. Browse through the free section of books. Exchange Chemistry books with your friends to prepare for your competitive exams. Students cannot buy all reference Chemistry books. It is better to have a platform where one can exchange books with their friends. Become a member and explore toools used to reuse books online.
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